EFFUSE is a cross-border projectfocusing on the impact of river pollution on environmental biodiversity. The educational institutions in Slovakia and Ukraine will bring the work of scientists in the area of environmental protection closer to the public and also indicate changes of the nature in the region that are influenced by human activity.

Project Financing

The project is financed within a www.HUSKROUA-CBC.EU/through the grant agreement HUSKROUA/1901/6.1/0075. A planned EU contribution is 364099, 41 €.

The main aim of the project isto raise awareness, mainly of young people who present the future generation, about the state of the environment in their nearby area and about the need to protect it through the following activities:

  • Biomonitoring of rivers and organismsrealized by students and teachers of primary and secondary schools led by university scientists.
  • Activities focused on raising awareness and interestof the future generation to seek solutions to environmental problems.
  • Cross-border cooperation of educational institutionsin the creation of educational materials focused on field work.
  • Creation of an online virtual laboratoryfor anyone interested in living in and around rivers.